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Easier than a puzzle

Woodn Ornans is the two-faced technical covering conceived to best meet the demands of contemporary Architecture and Interior Design. Lightness, thickness, variable density, and easy installation make this product applicable on any surface – curved or flat – and even with other materials – metals, fabrics, stone…

infinate potential

Woodn Ornans Compositus is the new special collection that updates the concept of mosaics to fully explore and develop the infinite potential of Woodn. In addition to standard rectangular and square tiles, there are also elements in sizes and shapes that would be impossible to obtain with any other traditional material.



It is perfectly complementary with Woodn Ornans, it can be combined with this one in an infinite variety of solutions to design spaces with textures and patterns impredictable and dynamic. 



Woodn Ornans available in 100 or 33 mm formats, can even be thermoformed to cover even the most complex surfaces and literally go beyond the limits of matter. Colours and formats may be alternated, using either the smooth or textured sides as desired, for absolute freedom of design and composition. The rich selection of accessories – special profiles for skirting, edges, inside and outside corners – complete this collection that is outstanding for its versatility.

New horizons

Woodn Ornans Compositus is a “system” that makes the virtually unlimited modularity and versatility of its multiples and submultiples its strong point. With the variable dimensions of all its perfectly modular components, the eight collections of Woodn Ornans Compositus (Classico, Mikado, Doghe, Geometrico, GP, Melange, Wellness/Pool, and Mono) transcend the limits of traditional mosaics to explore new horizons in design.

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